Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time for a new kitten!

My family went to an animal shelter that opened up recently. We have a cat who is now three years old and she has seemed very lonely lately.
My husband and I talked a lot about it and decided that maybe it was time to add some more chaos to our household ;-)
We thought a kitten would add some spice to our older cat's life and would let our smaller boys experience the fun and responsibility of a new pet.
Our old animal shelter smelled bad and looked worse. The new center was closer to us and brand new. They were having a "Summer Special" and cats had just a $10 adoption fee. That ten dollars included an amazing amount of care. The kittens had already been spayed or neutered, were all up to date on their shots and had been microchipped.
I was truly amazed at how wonderful the new shelter is.
Our older cat, who is named Smokey, was added to our family when a teenage girl came to our door and announced if we didn't take the kitten she was holding, that her stepfather was going to kill it. Wow, no pressure ;-)
Smokey is now a laid back cat who rarely leaves the couch and loves to cuddle. We are hoping that since she is so happy to cuddle that she will become affectionate towards the kitten, eventually.
We named the new kitty Niete, since it looks like she has Egyptian eyeliner on. Here she is.

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  1. She is very cute! We got a new baby kitty about a year ago and wow do I regret it! LOL Not only is he a very hyper baby even now at almost one years old, but he has introduced our used to be lazy adult cat to his new found "kitten" lol So both cats run around the house all night knocking things down and making loud bangs, therefore I never know if it's my children in trouble in their rooms or if it's just the kitties playing!

    Congrats though, that is a really cute kitten and really low price considering all the care shelters do for those kitties!

    You won a book on my blog btw, sent you an email and here is the winner announcement post: http://happilyblended.com/2010/07/hunger-games-winners/