Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saving money while feeding children who eat like pirannahs.

Okay, it is Summertime, which means the kids are home 24/7. Which also means that I am going to the grocery store often enough to have my photo on the wall. My 3 boys have been home from school for about a month and they eat like locusts. I think if we left them home alone, they would eat the doors off the pantry.

I am convinced I am going to need to start buying farm animals to satiate their appetites. They eat about 6 meals a day and are all as skinny as greyhounds.

Because my spending is reaching astonishing levels, I have decided to work harder at budgeting and have come up with this list.

1. Stick to the list. Do not put junk food in the cart or even allow it to come near the cart, since it seems to have a stronger center of gravity than food that is good for you.

2. Coupons are your friend. There is a great website called Southern Savers: that matches up grocery store sales and coupons and takes a lot of the work out of it.

3. Plan meals ahead of time. When Summer started, I was giving them a lot of fast food but I have started planning a week in advance. It makes is a whole lot easier to avoid calling the pizza man when you already have chicken thawed out and ready to go in the fridge.

I will continue this later, and if anyone has any other comments, please feel free to share.

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