Sunday, July 4, 2010

More money saving ideas.

As I posted before, my kids love to eat but I like actually having enough money to keep the electricity on at our house, so it can be a delicate balance :-)

Here are some more things that I am doing to make sure that my bank account isn't as empty as their stomachs seem to be.

Farmer's Markets and Fruit Stands. Where else can you get a bunch of carrots for 50 cents? I have two of these places that I always hit on my way home from the grocery store. The zucchini is $1.49 a pound at the store but only 79 cents a pound at these places. Bananas, apples, squash (basically anything that comes out of the ground) is almost always a better deal here.

Aldi's. Yes, I am really late to the party here but if you have an Aldi's available, check them out. Have a quarter on hand to free a cart and take your own bags or boxes and you are ready to roll. I started going there a few weeks ago and I have been thrilled with both price and quality. Their milk is at least $1 less than anywhere else and eggs are 79 cents/dozen compared with the $1.49 and $1.29 at two other grocery stores.

Put dates on freezer food. I was really bad about finding questionable meat in the bottom of my freezer and guilty of throwing a lot of it away because I just wasn't sure if it was still okay to use. Now everything that gets put in, has a date marked on the foil with a Sharpie. Once a month, I go through and get the older stuff back up to the top and put it in my meal plan. Meat is too expensive to waste, and now I am not having to toss anything.

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