Monday, July 5, 2010

New Couch Fever

I am getting new couch fever again. It is the affliction that is similar to the New Car Fever my Grandfather used to get, but on a smaller scale that is better suited to my bare bones budget.

My Grandfather raised me and about every 3 years he would start really paying attention to the car commercials and making weekly visits to the local car dealers. He never had any specific model in mind. He said he would "just know" which car was meant for him. It would take about two months for him to find "The One" and he would baby that car and find excuses to drive for months afterward.

20 years later, I periodically get new couch fever. I start going to the furniture departments of stores that I normally don't even shop at. I sit and think about exactly what fabrics would work in my house (leather is a big no-no because of the sweat and stick factor). I page through the ads in the Sunday paper and compare prices and features.

I dream about having a couch that doesn't smell like children, or the food of children.

I dream about having a couch that doesn't have a permanent indentation of my husband's rump.

I dream about a couch that has no crumbs or toys lurking inside.

I dream about a couch whose springs are neither visible nor audible.

Then I come back to reality and realize that the couches I buy only look nice for about a month. Koolaid and mac and cheese take their toll. So does the never ending jumping of three active children.

I don't now how much longer my New Couch Fever will last but until they start making teflon couches; I am going to try and control my impulse to buy a new one. Wish me luck.

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